Set Column

I have created a form.
On submit, I have Set Column with a value but the value is not being incorporated into my gsheet. Any suggestions?

The intended action of the form is to set the provided information into a column… what are you trying to do?

I am try to set a value (like 400) into a column when the user submits their form. This value is different based on their information but I can’t get anything to set into the column.

From my understanding, Set Column only works on an action - like a button press (I could be way off but in my experience using it, that’s what I’ve seen), and it can only change the value of a cell that already has existing data in it. The easiest way to enter static information into a form is to use a text component (NOT a Text Entry component) and in the Data section, enter the number you want. Then, change the visibility so that it isn’t seen by the end user. It will still submit into the row that you want but they won’t know that it’s there

I will give it a try.
Thank you.

Are you trying to write into the same destination sheet or is it another one?


There are many cases that set column doesn’t work with an “on submit” action, I believe @drascon’s recommendation works best. A text/number entry would both work, have a default value and hide it using a condition that will never be true.

If that value won’t be changed going forward, you can just have a template column in the destination sheet.

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