Once again: Set Column Values with ITE/Lookup/Math values during On Submit Action

I am very disappointed how the app actually behaves on a real mobile device(iPhone 11 Pro Max).
Let me share my observations:

  1. Few times after Submitting the Form, I visually saw new rows in the app, but GDE and GS haven’t been propagated with data. After restarting web app on iPhone - these rows obviously disappeared(cos were only in the local cache while session is live)

  2. I need to “freeze” dynamic params(as hour-rate, current coefficients, etc) in newly created form. I use Set Column Values to save ITE/Lookup/Math computed values(no YC) to basic columns(text and number). When it works 100% times with Simulator in Glide Editor, it fails always with real mobile phones(iPhones and Androids). btw, I cannot use Screen Columns, because Screen Columns do not accept Computed Columns as values(only other basic columns)

Can anyone suggest how to deal with these both issues?

Generally I avoid setting values on a submit action as the newly created row might not be created in time for those set columns to sync. If you want something more reliable then I would say make a custom form with an add row action. You can add things as you want in that same add row action without worrying about the problem above.

Are you using row owners? Generally if there’s a difference between behavior in the builder and when you’re actually running the app, it’s due to some authentication difference.

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Heeey happy Glideaversary, @David!


Yes, David, I use it, and I also spent time thinking that this is an issue. But at first, I fill all columns with Row Owner and Roles as Screen Columns, so during On Submit, all rights should be there. Second, all related tables for ITE/Tempate/Lookup columns used in my logic - do not have Row Owners. Third, it doesn’t work even when my account is signed – which has access to all rows via Role Row Owner.

Hi @david, I temporarily turned off all Row Owners in all tables to eliminate this as a possible problem. Still the same: iPhone shows data filled, but GDE and GS have missing values. And once I restart the web page on phone - I lose data too.

Yes, I understand, but:

  • it’s a lot of work, especially when the form has many components (develop all Required conditions, hide interface to have a button to Cancel and delete not needed row, etc.)
  • Isn’t it supposed to work since Form has On Submit action and Glide gives us Set Column Values? It’s a pretty straightforward business request and I expect it to work predictably; otherwise, it might be unreliable for other aspects too.
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The benefits of a custom form far out weigh the work needed. Plus the copy all/ paste all feature should be a pretty big time saver.


Yeah you have a fair point submitting this bug, for now I hardly ever use normal forms any more.


Agreed. In fact, so much so that custom forms have become my default MO. I almost never use the native Open Form/Edit options.


With the addition of the “show edit screen” action, I still prefer the native form solution.

Agreed that “Custom form” screens are WAY more flexible, yet at the same time, require a lot of setup just to achieve the same functionality (clearing of columns after submission, requirement conditions, etc).


Yes, I use this combo all the time now. Submit form > on form submit > set column.

I’ll also use the show edit screen/show details screen > this item to navigate directly to the submission as part of the submit action.

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Does the Set Column target the row just submitted? Or do you need a single value / last item relation?

Yeah, it targets the row just created…it’s a really nice feature.

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Don’t know how I missed that! I’ve been using the relational method (previous message) to get the target. Doh …

Hi, @david and @Mark,

can we have any information or plans about this situation.

With 2 Glide tables with 2 data rows I was able to reproduce an issue.

Simulator works just fine, when on iPhone, I always observe empty Basic cell.

So, basically, any app with Row owners lose ability to use default Add, Edit Form if there is a need to add final touches with Set Column Values during “On Submit”.

Can you please change that form fully submits and only then - Action(s) from On Submit are triggered?

Actually, having tried this method today, it doesn’t work in my scenario i.e. it doesn’t target the row just added. Gut feeling is you “may” have to be careful here (I am also using row owners).

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@Maxim_KM Please create a support ticket https://glide-help.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and give us the support link to that simple 2 Glide table app that demonstrates the issue. Also, create a screen recording that demonstrates the issue.

Hi George, created.

Set Column Values on submit form action is not working for me either. In my case I’m not doing anything fancy… just setting a custom value.

I really like using the Glide modal form for a checkout/preview screen.

The same problem is happening across multiple apps of mine. It’s in the exact same spot in each one and they are copies of each other.

The relation is single and it had been working well for many months.