Capture the date when a user update information in the app

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:
Is it possible to capture the date when a user updates information in the app?

In my app, I would like my users to be able to update their weight or add notes for me to review (I used a number and comments element) but I would like to know what day the last updated the field.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yes, all you need is a date/time column to store the value, then set it with your Add Row or Set Columns action, using the “Current Date/Time” special value.

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Yes, Darren, but what if user does not submit but cancels? The date/time should not be set in that case. But only when the submit is done and taken into account technically.

If they cancel, then don’t set it :slight_smile:


oh ? You can condition that in the custom Action? Cool then :slight_smile: Thks, Darren

You could, but that really isn’t necessary. Two scenarios:

  1. Using the native add/edit form:
  • Values are only written to the underlying table once the user submits. If the user cancels, nothing is written.
  1. Using a custom add/edit form:
  • When using custom forms, you would normally use a button bar with Submit/Cancel labels. If the user chooses Submit, then the associated action adds or updates a row. If the user chooses Cancel, then the associated action does nothing. Well, maybe display a message and go back, or hide the form.