Add a Date Stamp when item is edited or submitted

Client is using “Notes” to update each follow-up action in summary and must type in the date of the follow-up action to retain history of communications. Is there any way to date stamp current date each time they access that field to enter an update?

You could add a Date Time Stamp under Special Components when used in a form.

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If I recall your lead history notes, in that scenario, there is no way to track a date whenever a note component is edited. You would have to use a form button to submit notes to a new sheet with the date special value and the Lead name. Then use a reference to link the lead name to the lead name in the new sheet and display the notes as an online list.

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I believe we offer special values in add and edit screens as well – not just forms.

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I understand you can add the Special value “Date/time” component to a form to capture the posting date on a Form, but what about a Checklist? It’s a type of form but it doesn’t seem possible to log the date/time when a User marks an item “complete.” Or am I missing something?

That would be super-useful for the app I’m working on now.

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As of now your best bet is to use a script that checks if those boolean columns are changed to True, then write the current timestamp to the destination column inside Google Sheets.

I have the same question. did you find a useful solution?

Are you checking things using an inline list with checklist layout?

Can this be done with an If / Then / Else column?
If the (checkbox column) name is True, Then (code for date/time entry)?
What I’m asking is, if in the Then field of the I/T/E column you can type a special value that would correspond to “Now”. (As well as other formulas.)

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You could create a math column to get Now then use it in an If Then column, but in a scenario like that Now will constantly be updating with the current datetime. You would have to instead write that datetime value to a static column so it doesn’t keep changing. But, if you are doing that, then you are better off getting the current datetime from the current date special value.

Okay, thanks. But to drill down on @dmilleravid 's question - what do we have to add to trigger this when a Checkbox is clicked? I don’t have this issue as I’m using a Button for the trigger, but I’m generally curious if there’s more functionality that I don’t know about for this. I can’t see additional functionality from the Checkbox component alone that would “Set columns” of the “Current date/time”.

No, a checkbox will not call an action so you would have to use something that does allows for actions to be called. The examples in my post below allow for similar functionality to checking and unchecking a box, but without an actual checkbox. It could be simplified with a custom action to set a boolean column to true or false depending on the boolean’s current value.


yes exactly, and i would like to have a time and user stamp for cheking the box

Hi there,

Is it possible to do same thing but by using a normal button or picture as a trigger?

I couldn’t find the way…

Thanks ;)!

You can apply actions to buttons or images. One of those actions can be a Set Column action that can update a date column with the Current Date/Time. Any component that allows you to set an action can set the current date time wherever you need it.


Great, solved. Thanks ;)!

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