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Good afternoon! I need to refine the application so that when there is a check mark in the checkbox, the date is automatically put in the required field. That is, there is an element of socks, if you tick the checkbox, then the current date is automatically put in the next field and does not change over time. If the check mark is removed, the date also disappears, and so on in a circle. I tried to do it via if-then-else, but this option is not suitable, since this type does not support working with dates and can only operate with existing values.

  • Create a Math column that returns the Current DateTime (use Now as a replacement value)
  • Use that Math column in your if-then-else column

I was thinking about a similar solution, but with the date change in Today, the date in Today If Checked will change. But I need the current date to be set after clicking the checkbox and it does not change over time.

Okay, in that case what you probably need is a custom action that sets both values at the same time.

Can you describe it in more detail, please?

Well, you can’t attach an action to a checkbox/switch component.
So my suggestion would be to use a button, and add an action to the button that does a Set Column Values on the current row, setting both the Timestamp and the Boolean column at the same time.

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Thx you so much for your advice, i’ll try it.

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