Date/Time stamp - based on user specific check/switch column

I’m looking to add a user specific time stamp - to a user-specific check/switch Boolean column. I’m aware of date stamping from the edit screen, but that’s not the best solution for my project.

I’ve seen conversation here before touching on this topic, but I have not been able to track the resolution. I’m not very familiar with coding, and how it will work in the Glide environment…but really willing to learn. I’m looking for some guidance if possible. Maybe a tutorial on a work-a-round (?)

Thanks so much in advance.

A check/switch component does not allow you to tie any additional actions with it.

I think your best bet is to use a button instead, where you will use a set column action to set the boolean value to true, and the current date/time value to the timestamp column.

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Yes, I understand that… thank you. A button doesn’t quite work for my project. I will continue working on it to see if I can figure it out. All the best!

Can you explain why the button doesn’t work? I assume you have a checklist?

Maybe you can present your list as a collection and attach an “item action” like the one I suggested above?

For front end, display an empty checkbox when the boolean value is not checked, and a checked box otherwise.

Hello! my apologies I didn’t realize you replied again. I ended up changing the checklist to a list, with added action of a date stamp when an item was selected… then I adding a check image if the check/switch was selected. It’s meeting my need for the time being. Thank you for replying!

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