Button / Switch time stamp

please add optional special values to button and switch, it would be helpful to know who and when click it, it could be written to designated columns to show the last user who did it, or to a designated sheet to show it like App logins. Right now i have to run trigger script to set time stamps for switch use but i can’t get user ID who click it.

@Uzo do you use user profiles on your app?


Then you can use the set columns action to write the timestamp and the user email/ID to the columns you want.

there is no such option for buttons and switches

The button does have that, you can use compound actions.

hmm… i never try that… let me experiment lol tnx

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@Uzo as you have user profiles you could use the button to trigger an action.


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It would be great to be able to capture the date/time when using a checklist-style inline list. A button + action is a great idea, but if you want to quickly mark something completed, a checklist is a great way, but also capturing the Date/Time the box was checked would be awesome.


Fully agree. I sometimes have to do that with a script, a use case is to verify a client account who just completed their profile.

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