Current Date/time special value - not being recorded

Hello Gliders,

I am having a slight issue with the “Current date/time” special value not being logged.

I have added this in an action when a new row is created, I have a ´creation date´ field that gets populated with this.

In testings ran on +4 mobile devices, none of them are logging this time.

When I go edit the action and view this, the icon is not being shown. (screenshot attached)

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 18.29.03

Is there a fix going on for this? A lot of my app´s logic is based on time, so would like to know if this is a bug or something that I am not doing correctly.

Thank you!

I noticed this the other day in one of my free apps. I noticed things I was adding while in the Glide Builder were not registering the date/time. But one of my users added an entry on his mobile device and it worked. I added a notification and “play sound” to the action, and it started working in the builder. So seems like a timing issue. That is a pretty small app, so not a lot of data.

Another a few days ago also started exhibiting the same behavior when I was trying to update in a complex action to write data to related records (update row action on a relation). The update was not happening in the builder. Again, adding a “play sound” and “notification” caused enough of a delay it started working.

Not sure when it stopped working correctly, though.

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Thanks @David_Gabler for answering and taking a look.

When I do testings inside of the builder, the date/time is being registered correctly, and there are no problems there.

The issue is when it is being used outside of the builder in production.

Can you provide some more context around this please?

ie. Is this an onSubmit action associated with a Form?

If it is, that’s not the correct way to do it. What you should be doing instead is passing the Current time as a Screen Column with your form.

In my case, I let the regular record be written, and I am trying to update two related tables with some information.

Yes, my case is like @David_Gabler where it is before a show new screen,

Please submit a ticket here.

@ThinhDinh - how is follow ups on issues handled? I submitted a ticket on another issue and haven’t heard back yet. Thank you

Santiago or George will follow up with you, but I can’t say it will take how long for them to get to your ticket. I don’t have info on how the support team’s back log looks like now.