Current Date/Time error?

I have made a time recording app for races using the Curren Date/Time to produce the timings. But it doesn’t register the time correctly. In the example I have uploaded, I have done five registrations in the time span of one second, but as you can see, the first registration is seven seconds ahead of the others. This happens almost every time I do several registrations in a short time span. Any idea why this occurs or what I can do to prevent it?
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 08.40.25

How are you recording the time stamps?
Is it with a button press and an add row action, or are you using the stop watch component?

Either way, I don’t think Glide is well suited to this type of use. I suspect that you’ll struggle to get very accurate time stamps if you’re adding multiple rows per second.

I am not using the button component. Just a Inline list with action “set column values”. I have not been able to use the stopwatch because I have many racers that need their personal time.

ah, I see.
So you’re not adding new rows, but instead updating values in existing rows, yes?

Actually, I’m a little surprised with the results that you got. The thing is, internally Glide only updates the current date/time once every 10 seconds. So normally that’s the best granularity that you can get.

So if you did 5 set column values within a second, I would expect all 5 timestamps to be the same.

And in fact, I just did a quick test, and that’s exactly the result that I got:

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 4.48.07 PM

But regardless, as I said I don’t think Glide is well suited for this use case.

Maybe somebody else might have an idea how you can get better granularity.

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Ok. Big thanks any way.