Bug or something I'm missing: Special Value: Current date time wrong?

My app’s URL: itemstore.glideapp.io

Users who add an item within the “Messages” tab will have their post added as a record to my spreadsheet. The Current date/time gets recorded to the “Timestamp” column. As seen in the screenshot below, one user’s record is 5 hours off from the others. Is it recording their current time/date (timezones) and not the current time/date of the app owner? If so, how can this be adjusted so that all submissions are accurately relative to one another?

In my app on a form submit, if I use the timestamp special value it writes the time based on my spreadsheets timezone. But I am running it in the development environment. I guess you need to find someone that is not in your timezone to see if that makes a difference. I posted in your app under the name Geo and I’m in the Eastern time zone Z -5. How did my timestamp come out? Is your spreadsheet set to Eastern?

I’m also in Eastern :wink:

You need to find out then what timezone your testers are in so you can nail down what the issue is.

My suspicion is that since Glide is generating the timestamp they may be using the users time zone and not that of the sheet. I haven’t tested that but it seems plausible.

That’s exactly what I’m suspecting as well. If so, then doing any sort of calculating/sorting by date with this value is unreliable

You could ask and store the users timezone as part of their profile I guess.

Hm. Yes…a workaround for now…kinda a pain though. This should be a separate special value.

Current Time/Date (User) VS. Current Time/Date (App owner/Spreadsheet)

They should just return GMT in my opinion, but I’m sure they would get plenty of complaints about that.

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Definitely seems like user’s time. I tested one of my apps by adding a record, then changed my computer’s timezone and submitted another record. The datetime value in the sheet followed the timezone my computer was set to at the time. I like the idea of GMT or app owner defined zone (maybe just an option to set any zone in the builder) as a separate Date/Time special value.