Show only most recently submitted form results, immediately

I’m making a page that will have no users / no sign-in, where people will fill out a form that calculates certain things. How do I make it so that, once the person clicks submit, the next screen will be the results of the form?

Currently, after clicking submit, it takes the user to a screen that shows all of the submissions and the user will have to find which one is theirs - not ideal.


As of now, I can filter the data (see image) by forms submitted “today” but that isn’t quite enough.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Create a one row working table with a user specific text column called ID.
  2. Create an ID column (not user specific) in the form submission table.
  3. Create a relation column from the unique ID column in the working table to the ID column in the submission table
  4. Create a new screen built off the working table
  5. Create a button on this screen to access the form
  6. The action for this button should be:
    1.set column action > unique ID > text column
    2. Show form screen
  7. In the form, pass this ID value to the form response sheet using a “screen value”
  8. Create an On submit action of Show Detail Screen where the Data field points to the ID relation column