How can I display a user's info after submission, for multiple occassions?


I am trying to show user information on a card after they hit the submit button. After entering their income and billing info, I was able to show the financial results from the response form, however, if I go into the submission form again to make a different submission, the display only shows the first submission results I made and not the new submission information. I need to be able to show multiple submissions for one user. Is there a work-around? I haven’t been successful in finding information on this.

This is a little confusing. A form is for adding new data, not displaying previously entered data.

Can you add a couple of screen shots to show how you have this setup please? Maybe that will help make what you are trying to do a little clearer.

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a little??? :wink:

So I understand the form is for entering Data, but I want to display the data in Text Fields for the User. This is an app for my son to help him track his income and expenses…but the key is to only show him what he can spend after he takes care of all of his bills. Here are some screenshots…in the order of how each step works. I’m a newbie…so be gentle with me. LOL. (I’m not sure why the submit button stores the data at the bottom of the spreadsheet, but I included it for your review.

So let’s say, he works a 2nd job and wants to add that income to his account…once he enters that income, i would like for the same “Submitted Successfully” to show up, but with the new data that he just entered, not the old data. It’s not automatically grabbing the data from the next row for entry 2. (I hope that makes sense)

This is just for him to enter is income, track date and time, and charity donation :point_up:

This is the information that I want to populate after submission. I plan to use this info in a monthly statement

This is my calculation sheet

This is where the form logs the info from the submit button…not sure why it shows up at the bottom of the spreadsheet. (This is where I tested the button multiple times)
Response Form_Datasheet
This is my work around Response sheet I created to be able to separate the responses into a separate form

This is the Form I created to actually display the info

Okay, you’ve got a lot going on there. Most of which probably isn’t necessary.

Let’s deal with the easy part first - new rows appearing right at the bottom of your spreadsheet. This is most likely because you have arrayformulas in your spreadsheet and a bunch of empty rows. When you have this, Glide will see any rows with formulas as non-empty, and create a new row at the bottom. What you need to do is delete all empty rows and that should deal with that. Glide will then just add new rows as it needs to.

The first thing that jumps out at me is that you have an On Submit action configured on your Form to Show a new screen. You almost certainly don’t want that, so I’d say get rid of it.

Now, your form is writing to a sheet called “Copy of Datab…”.
If you want to show previous responses, what you can do is add an inline list component and target it at this table. You can add that to any screen.

You also mention that you have a separate sheet for calculations. I’m not sure why you are doing that, as it shouldn’t be necessary. In fact, you shouldn’t need any formulas in your spreadsheet at all. Any calculations that you need to do can be done in the Glide Data Editor. It’s much better to do it this way, as then all calculation results will be instant - you eliminate data sync delays.

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Thank you for your quick response. I did have an array formula in my spreadsheet, so I will remove those empty rows.

As far as your recommendation to create an inline list, that’s a great idea…once it captures that info however, I want the app to dump the info from the inline list once a new month starts. This is more about making the app look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes for teens, young adults and Seniors. They don’t want to see endless lines and rows from the submissions. The less to click on, the better. Haha. Can I add a filter with maybe an “if then statement” to only show January submissions vs February submissions?

And I agree… the calculation sheet certainly isn’t needed…especially if it slows down instant results. I use formulas in Excel that I have not yet learned how to transform into Glideapp’s Editor…but I will give it a try. Thanks for all your help! :smiley:

Yes, it’s quite simple to filter lists in Glide and there are many ways to approach it.
For example, you could create a fixed filter that only shows entries for the current month.
Or you could allow your users to select a month and then dynamically filter by that month.
Or you could allow them to select a date range (start & end date).
Or just about anything else you can dream up - it’s all possible.

Here’s a link to the docs that covers the basics:

There are more advanced filtering techniques that aren’t covered in the docs. Feel free to ask if you need some help.

Have a watch of the below tutorial. It will give you some ideas and get you headed in the right direction:


You have been sooo helpful. Thank you very much :grin: :tada: :partying_face:

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