Form Submission history per students

Hi glide community,
I’m new to glide so sorry if it is a silly question.

I want to show an history of all form submission by students.
Basically each of my student submit information with a form in my glide app every weeks.
A- My first tab has the list of all students I have (200 students…)
B- Each student clicks on his/her name and access his/her personal information on a new screen
C- On this screen there is also a Form Button to enter data number. These data are recorded on a different sheet in my data base
D- I want each student to see a list of all his/her submissions by date he/she did BUT inside the personal information screen (view B above)

Thank you for your help and advice

All you need is a multiple relation column to link the student in the student sheet to the form submission sheet. With that relation, you can add an inline list to the student details screen. The inline list will use the relation to display a list of the students submissions.

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Thank you so much for your help…it was easy :slight_smile: and is it possible to add on the "personal information " screen by students a graph bar to show only their data submission per date ?

For instance student max fill the form 3 times :

  • November 3rd : data submitted 45
  • November 4th : data submitted 55
  • November 5th : data submitted 56

Graph Y = data number from MAX (0 to 100)
Graph X = Date Nov 3rd, Nov 4th, Nov 5th

thank you

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You can use that same relation for Graph X.

For Graph Y you can first create a rollup column that uses the relation to get the Max value. Then create a graph that uses that rollup column.