How to view forms inside the app

Hello guys,

I am wondering how can I view the forms inside the glide app instead of opening google sheets and scrolling through rows of data? Can I have a summary of most recent or ordered by date forms?


Hi Melisa,

What kind of information are you collecting through the form? Those things are definitely doable with the right setup of your sheet and relations inside Glide.


Info type is data, producer, item, size, quantity. These will be entered on a daily basis and it would be nice if we could check them through the app and on the go instead of opening laptops etc.

Hi Melisa I’m back with what would work for your case.

I have a form to submit the information as you stated.

I have a Rollup column to take the latest value from the submitted time column, then do a relation back to that same submitted column to get the latest form submit.


For the date choice view, I have a choice component that takes values from a “Date” only column, computed in the Sheets.

Then I do a relation that matches the user-specific “Date choice” to the “Date extracted” column in the sheets and return multiple matches. I showed it in an inline list, calendar view.



You can try it out yourself here in the “Latest form submit”.

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Add a video of it in action.


Maybe I’m not seeing the whole picture, but why not just creating a new tab that points to the forms sheet, and filtering it by date?

Thanks for pointing that out, I think it’s just another solution for this and Melisa can choose whatever option she likes. I just wanted to make it quick this morning and did not want to make a new tab lol.

Hi Thinh,

Choice option looks good.

But, I am having problem computing the formula in sheets. I have copied exactly you formula but I am getting a #REF! error. (it says please insert more rows(1). Date submission is a date only format, as well as date extracted. Am i doing something wrong?

It is something with the range. On reflection I saw I make a mistake in the formula as well, the DATEVALUE(A2) should be DATEVALUE(A2:A), can you try it again and tell me if it works?

And did you put the formula in the first cell of the column?

NOpe. Still not working

Can you send me a copy of the data in personal message?

Hi Melisa, can you give access to edit? Which of the sheets do you want to have that formula in?

Edit: This issue was resolved after some chats in the Sheets.

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