Display math column entry in a form

Does anyone know how to display the result of the last “math column” entry into a glide form?


I’m unsure what you are asking. I’m guessing your saying that you created a column that calculates information for you and you are wanting to display the calculations in a editable form is that correct? If in fact this is what you are asking then there is not a way in glide to do this. I suggest performing the math function in sheets and use relations to pull the data. The issue I’m guessing your running into is that the form cannot call the information because it has no information to reference as a relation or lookup.

Thanks, tried using choices which will give me the last entry I want however it also displays all the other lines above it.

Ok, how is your app setup. Can you send a screenshot of what you are looking at as well as a screenshot of the google sheet?

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