Function Math

How to use function Math in form?
I need to calculate at the order stage the number of people times the price of the tour!

Unfortunately you can’t perform math within a form. The values need to be written to the sheet before any math columns can do calculations. When you are within a form, nothing is written to the sheet until you submit it. I would recommend creating user specific columns in the sheet of the tab where you have your form button. Then create entry components that fill those user specific columns. The math column will then perform the calculations based on the user specific columns. Once the values are filled by the user, they can then click on a form button and you can pass the calculated values into the form using column values.

Since it sounds like you will be submitting a form, you should be fine, but just be warned that glide only columns do not work well if you are using stripe for the final purchase. If the values are submitted to the sheet through the form, and then you complete the purchase using a buy button from the form response, then you should not have any issues.

Thank you Jeff! I understand already !!!

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