Calculation within a form

I’m looking to calculate the total of some number inputs on a form and then update a cell with the result. Any ideas welcome.

Thanks in advance!

With a native glide form, you won’t be able to show the calculation in real time as they type, but once you submit the form, the destination sheet could have a math column to do the calculation.

I’d you want to see the calculations in real time, then I would set up a custom form.


Thanks for coming back to me on this!

Math column after submission works great, what i need to to do now though is update a cell in the sheet (in this case total number of hours) with the result from the math column after the form has been submitted, is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Is it a complex one? I think you can use an arrayformula for that to ensure that it works, if you absolutely need that value in the Sheet.

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I created a timesheet app with all of the math being performed on the sheet in google docs. It is only for Mon - Fri but that is all I need. It also adds in overtime. The totals show up on Friday’s tab. You could also create a totals sheet and thus create another tab. You will see each month is available on the menu (three bar to the left) screen. Here you can copy and edit as desired:

I think this is what i need, i just need to retain the formula contained within the cell. Can you retain sum formulas upon form submissions?

If you need it in the Sheets then you can read my tutorial in the link below. Let me know if you have any questions.

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