About Math Column

I am trying to use Math Column to be simple calculator for my worker , I can’t call it in my Form Screen . I already made Math column in my sheet , please help

Are you wanting to use form values in a calculation and display the results before the form is submitted?

That is not possible, because form values are not written to the underlying table until after the form is submitted.

To do this, you would need to use a custom form.

Can you describe your use case in a little more detail?

Thanks for your reply , my case is I trying to create form that my worker to submit total amount of arrival materials

  1. Material A , one box contains of 50 pcs( a) , and there will be some remaining (b )
    So my Math column 2 is (50*a) + b
    There are about 5 Material so i trying to make 5 Math columns

The important question is - do you actually need the results of the math columns before the form is submitted, or can you just apply the calculations to the submitted data and use it afterwards?

Oh , sorry for misunderstanding

  1. Yes , my first plan is to show before sunmit
  2. Another question, example i got 15 kinds of material but each day not all kind of material to deal with .
  3. Today only 7 kinds of material come , after submitting form I want table only the 7 material ( any material that value is not zero) if it possible to make table like that ?

Okay, so my original answer stands. The only way to do that is to use a custom form.

How are you currently recording this?
Can you show me what it looks like inside the Glide Data Editor?

Ok , like these