Display the result of column math

In a layout when you create a new item, Display the result of column math can be displayed, while the item is being created

Your question (?) isn’t very clear. Are you able to expand a little bit, or perhaps provide a screen shot that helps to better explain what it is that you need help with?

Okay, I see.
So Total is a math column that sums the highlighted fields, yes?

I may be wrong here, but I believe that when using the form component, the new row isn’t actually created until the “Add” button is tapped and the form submitted. So while the form is still being filled in, there are no values in those columns.

What you could do is build your own form and temporarily store the values in user-specific columns. These would be populated immediately as the user enters the values and you could use them to calculate and display the total.
Then when the user submits, you use a compound action to Add a Row and clear the user specific columns.

(NB. I haven’t actually tried using a compound action in this way, but I believe it should work)


Ohh I see, que ok thanks let me try

I just tested that quickly, and it does work as I described.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 3.22.04 PM

Item 1 & Item 2 are the two user specific columns, and Total is the sum of those two.

In the layout, I used an Action Text component for the total. It’s initially hidden (because it’s empty), but as soon as you enter the Item 1 & Item 2 values it appears.

You would then add a button (or whatever) for submitting the form, with a compound action attached. That action would Add a new row to the appropriate sheet.

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Maybe you could do that with a details view and add a number entry…right? That way, there’s no form and you’d get the results as you go. Am I right? Haven’t tested, I’m thinking as I write…

This is true. You can only get live computations with user-specific columns so the way Darren noted above would be the only way.