Newbie Q: Computed column not seen on my screen. Suggstions? (w/Vid link)


I’m SURE this is a simple fix, I’m just to new to know what it is. :laughing:

This video link walks you through what I’m seeing on my end: Help! lol

The math column calculates fine on the Data table. On the screen the information does get sent to it’s proper column. I can’t get it show up on the screen despite connecting the source to the column. Also, I tried using Text as well as Rich Text.

I just need the information to display.

If you prefer to comment on the video itself that’s fine too.


You have Row Owners applied to your Symbol column, and as a result of this, the user you are viewing as does not have access to any rows in that table.

That looks like an odd use of Row Owners - did you do that deliberately?
If not, remove it and you should be fine.


Thanks for the advice. I’m too new to do anything deliberately. LOL

I was trying to make sure every user will see just their information.

I’m still having the issue but I did remove Row Owner from Symbol.

Thanks for the reply!


Hello Darren!

Hope all is well.

If you don’t mind, I’m following up on my last post.

I’m having 2 remaining issues after I removed the Row Owner:

  1. When a user submits the data, the total amount display line still only shows the first row of the data sheet. Every user doesn’t have their own amount populating.

  2. Hitting submit doesn’t clear out my fields to reset.

How do I accomplish these two tasks?



Question: Do you actually need the results of every submission to be saved as a new row, or are you just wanting a real time calculation with the result displayed?

It’s important to know the answer to the above, because the approach to each is completely different.

Actually, if you don’t mind I’d appreciate you explaining both approaches.

In this case the value needs to be recorded but I’ll need the other approach on the next screen.

Thank you!


So firstly, if all you wanted was a real time calculator:

  • Use a table as the source of your screen that has only one row.
  • Add a RowID column to the table (this isn’t used for anything, it just ensures that the row isn’t empty)
  • Add columns for each of your inputs. These columns MUST be User Specific
  • Add a math column to do your calculation
  • On your screen, DON’T use any type of form component or container.
  • Just add a regular container, and then add input fields for each of your input columns
  • Add a regular text type component and point it at your math column
  • What you should then find is that as you enter values into your input components, the result of your calculation should be displayed and updated immediately
  • If your need to “Reset” the input values, add a button to the screen and configure the associated action to do “Set Column Values”, clearing the value in each of your input columns

Next, if you need a permanent record of each calculation in a new row in a table:

  • For this, you can use a regular form
  • You will need a table to accept the form entries, and your form should be configured to write to this table
  • Important thing to note here is that you will not see the result of the calculation in real time. This is because nothing is actually written to the table until after the form is submitted (but see below)
  • If you need to capture things such as which user submitted the form and when, you can use Special Values in your form

If you actually need both of the above - that is, save each calculation and see the results in real time before form submission - that is possible by using a Custom Form.


Thank you very kindly! I appreciate you taking the time.

I’ll work on implementing this ASAP.

Much appreciated!

P.S. I would like to be able to the users a screen that pops up to show a summary of what they typed in before submitting.

How would I go about doing that?



Just realised that I never responded to your final question, apologies.

To be able to do that, you would need to use a custom form (see the link in my previous reply).

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Thank you for the follow up. Much appreciated!