Row owner for calculated column

trying avoid using formulas in googl. but can’t make addition column with row owner without it - column must be basic, it can’t be a calculated column.

is there is a way make it using just glide?
i need addition column with admin e-mail, that grand access to user row in protected table.

Row ownership applies to an email column.

Did you mean user-specific column? If you make a basic column user-specific, the math computed columns derived from the user-specific basic column will also be user-specific.

How are your user rows created - are they auto added the first time a user signs in?

If so, you would need an onboarding flow for new users. At the end of the flow you could have them tap a button, and the action on that button could add the admin email to an owner column in the users row.

i need 2 columns of e-mail that row owner - one is a user e-mail get via registration and other - is same e-mail to all column (admin e-mail)

new user appear via system regidtration: via goggle account or dedicated e-mail with pin…

i’m not force new users to fill up their profile… so there is could be a period of time while admin don’t have an access to user data.

anyway. thx for idea in this way. i will look for use it in action scenario…