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I know how to make an email column as Row owner so users can edit their own content. I would like to add an Admin Row owner column to allow me to make edits like users. I want to create the Row admin owner without me having to type Admin or my email in every cell of every new Row added by users who may keep adding new cases to the sheet with their new contributions. I used an IF Else statement that will help fill all these cells, however when I create a column with IF Else statement I can not turn that column into a Row owner column.
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Hi @IbrahimA this is expected behaviour. You cannot currently use a computed column as a row owner. So you need to find a way to populate the second row owner column yourself. You could do this as part of a form submission. If you’re using a Google Sheet as your backend then I believe some users also do this with an array formula.

Thanks for your prompt response! How could you make this part of a form submission when the user is filling the form. I do not think it is meaningful to ask the user to fill in my email or my role in the form to populate the cells in the Admin Row owner Column.

You can pass it through a form form the parent sheet of the screen that contains the form button, or you can pull if from a user profile sheet if you have one set up. In both cases, you could set up a template column with your admin email. The template column will be what you pass through the form to the submission sheet. Lots of ways to handle it, but that’s the general idea.

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What he said :point_up:

Thanks for your help!
I think the best way for me to understand this would be to see an example. Does any of the glide already made templates show this in practice?

The images and videos in the documentation are old, but the concept is still the same. In a form, you can add components. Some of those components are screen values (values from the screen/table that contains the form button), user profile values (values from the user profile table), or special values (such as user email or timestamp).

All you need to do is create a template column with your admin email in that parent screen table or the user profile table and it will be available as a component. I’m not sure of an example app off the top of my head, but I could look through some of my app later. It’s a pretty simple concept. Just place a template column somewhere that is accessible to the form and then add the component to the form and set it to write the template value to your form submission table.

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Thanks a lot for your help!


Just a further question, should the admin column only house your email or will it contain more emails in the future?

Only me email.

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Then you can go ahead and try the methods proposed below.

Or use an arrayformula to populate your email in a column.

={"Admin email";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(A2:A<>"","",""))}
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I have a pro app and use the Role feature along with the row owner feature to give access to data to the users and anyone designated an Admin.

Here’s how I use a few fields on the user table in Google Sheets to do this:

  • A “Role” column with “Admin” value for the few admins that use the app
  • In the User Profile tab, I’ve assigned the “Role” column to the Role option
  • An “Owner 1” column with the user email
  • An “Owner 2” column with an array formula similar to what @ThinhDinh shared above
  • In the Glide data editor, Glide combines “Owner 1” and “Owner 2” into an Array Column called “Owner”
  • I’ve made the “Owner” column the Row Owner

This allows each user to only see their data, and the admins to see all user data. I just hope this is how the builders at Glide HQ intended it to work and not just a bug! :smiley:


yep, that looks exactly right :+1:

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