Admin Access Using Glide Tables Only

I have built an app using Glide tables only and want to be able to view all data that’s been entered as an admin. Previously, I have built Glide apps using the Google Sheets array workaround to add multiple emails to the row owners column. The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be array functionality within two Glide table columns? This is bizarre to me. How would you recommend I go about adding an admin to an app that is not using Google Sheets? Thanks.

How is data getting updated in the tables?
If you are using forms, You can use a template column in user profile sheet and maintain your email id in that.
You can use that value to be added in a column whenever a form is submitted. Than you can use row owner on that new column.

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I’m not using any forms. It is profile and order information being stored through text entry fields and buttons.

And you cannot set a Glide template column as a row owner column.

To create an array you can create a template of multiple column values with with a comma delimiter between each item, then use a split column to split it into an array. But that won’t work for row owners because it has to be a basic column for row owners to work.

But as @raghav_khandelwal pointed out, whatever process creates that row in the first place could also add your email into a secondary basic column. Multiple basic columns can be assigned as row owners columns. I think what he is suggesting is to take a template column value and pass it to a basic column…whether through a form, or with a set columns action, etc.