How to Display Calculated column

Please help me to display total in this app.

First I have tried adding a number field and select the calculated column in the table, but the calculated column is not listed.

I tried with Title component, but not able to point to the table.
Very strange, what wrong I am doing, spend a lot of time, could not find proper documentation.

Please help.

I don’t see a lot on your app yet.
But maybe check out how rollup columns and math columns work in Glide.

Thanks for the input, however it not helping me.

I have added a calculated column in the table.
How do I display it ?
What is the component to be added for display ?
I have added Title, but it is showing image, also it is not allowing me to choose the table where the calculation is made.
Appreciate if you can just open my app and see what I am trying to do.
I am calling a form, I want to place total in that form.

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Maybe add it as a basic text component?

Hi edbs, as the calculated value has been shown in the Data Editor, it should be available for you to get that to show where you want.

Maybe try a refresh and then check again if it’s there to be added as a Basic Text?

If you need further assistance then email me at and I can help you by a TeamViewer session.

Thanks a lot for your inputs.
Seriously I don’t know what mistake I am doing.
As you can see in the image, I am able to see all the column in that table, except the one I have created used Math function.


How can this be so complicated ?
Waiting for your valuable response.
The app link already shared, hope you will have a look at it .

Thanks and regards,

Looks like it’s a calculated column so you can’t add it as a “Number Entry”?

A “Number entry” allows users of your app to add and edit a number field. A calculated field should not be added or edited.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s where the problem lies.

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@ThinhDinh is correct. You can’t use a “Number Entry” component here…you need to use one of the Text components or Basic Table (my recommendation) to display the value.


Also you are using a form. Is the value already calculated when you open the form, or are you trying to allow the user to enter values and instantly show the calculated result?

Same issue here, when selected, the calculated column does not display at all.

Do you have any row owners in your app?