New computed column: Math


:smile: YES! Awesomeness!

I don’t want to knock new features, but what is the purpose of this new feature when sheets can handle a variety of mathematical calcs natively? I’m just curious if this is meant to make something else easier (like calcs that involve other related column, etc).

You can set it up in the sheet, but doing it there has a bunch of disadvantages:

  1. If you do it in Glide the calculation is instantaneous if the user changes the data, whereas with sheet calculations, Glide has to communicate back with the sheet to get the result of the calculation, which can take from a few seconds to a minute or more, depending on how large your spreadsheet is.
  2. Doing it in the spreadsheet is not trivial. You need to know ARRAYFORMULA and a bunch of tricks to make it work dependably.
  3. If you do it in Glide then you have less data in your spreadsheet, which makes them reload faster.

:clap: bravo

Good points! Thanks!


For someone unfamiliar with sheet formulas I found myself stymied by the learning curve complexity of doing something that should be simple. Now I’m ready to dive back in.

Thank you for thinking of the masses who may share my ignorance of such things.


Thank you! Did some learning with formulas when working on my app. But there’s no denying how simple this makes things!

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That’s a good news ! good job team ! thank you :muscle::muscle::muscle:

What I always say is: doing heavy stuff in sheets is called no code, but to me there’s not a lof of difference in complexity between coding and some of the formulas. This makes math doable for people like me! Great!


These rapid new feature deployments have been nothing short of incredible @Mark. Cheers to you and the glide team :beers:! Keep up the great work!


Hi there, question regarding the computed column “math”, how do I make the formula compute in every new addition of data to my sheet? example I have a dollar rate per kilometer, user enters their address and their destination address, google maps script then calculates the distance. Using “math” I’d like to display the dollar amount based off the calculation “total KM” multiplied by a set rate. Hope that makes sense. Newbie to all of this.

The computed columns automatically apply to all rows. Is it not working for you?

Hi Mark, it’s displaying the data in the first row (which was a form that was already submitted), but I’d like it to display based on data captured in a new form, so as the user enters their addresses, it displays the rate…however I’ve just realized that it’s not going to be possible, as the data need to be submitted to google sheets first, then the google maps script runs to get the distance, then one can only do the calculation - so I’ll just include the rate in the “real time” email notification that goes out to the customer as oppose to trying to display it in the Glide app as they entering information.

Nice. Tried it with a google sheet function but it doesn’t seem to work. That is, Column A1 = 21/12/2019. I want to calculate how many days to an event. In Google sheet, it wuld be A1-Today(). It will be interesting if this also could work.

@Mark To do the math you need the column name, but because of the amount of columns I don’t see the full name in the data field. So now I have to go to Google Sheets to look up the name and then make the formula. Is there a way to see the full name from the data view?

Question. I have columns with the amount of ‘Platen’ (records) and ‘Boeken’ (books), then I calculate the money by multilplying with price in the columns ‘Omzet platen’ and ‘Omzet boeken’. So far so good. Now I want to make a total by using the formula ‘Omzet platen + Omzet boeken’. There I seem to be doing something wrong. Does anyone know what? See screenshot.

Hi @erwblo

In the field “Configuration” you should try tipping in the following:


No spaces are allowed/recognized (had to learn that for an app I am working on atm).
Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for this new feature @mark and team!

It’s perfect for a small currency converter app I am working on right now, as well as a personal finance app I already published and can now update :grin:

A quick question though (as seen in the GIF tutorial you posted):
Every computaion with decimals seems to show up to 16 decimals, which isn’t very user friendly :sweat_smile:

Any tip on how this view can be improved?

Thanks! :pray:

Ah great! That did the trick!