All New Data Editor & Computed Columns

Today, we’re releasing a huge update to the Data Editor. We’ve improved the interface, performance, and functionality, but most importantly, we’ve added over 60x new computed columns that supercharge the abilities of your apps and websites.

Learn more: Data Editor Updates 🚀 - YouTube


Amazing ! Congratulations on a job well done :slight_smile:

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As mentioned in the video, docs are here: Plugins • Glide (

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This is great :star_struck:

Today Morning I look at the Data Editor and it looks Great. I like the New Interface :smiley:

When I on the Dark Mode then the interface is Awesome :heart_eyes:

And the new Columns are also great.

Thanks Glide Team for this Update :facepunch:

Is it Black + Cyber + My Birthday + X’Mas already? This looks like a Glide Party to me.
Thks Team Glide.
I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I💜you all.
I’m in serious trouble :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks the entire Glide Team. The new columns are neatly organized and I love the change of color of computed columns. It might sound like a detail but it’ll help!


Great job :clap:

This is super dope. Thanks a lot!

Wow… will have to play with new columns… no more google sheet formulas and faster calculations

It actually IS my birthday today … and this is (currently) best present received


Happy Birthday!


Can’t wait to update some client apps! Thanks Glide team!! :star_struck:

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I noticed in the example the notebook was being used in the glide table. Currently in my glide editor, which is mostly made up of google sheets, it is not appearing. Do I need to restart Glide in order to see the notebook update?

Wooowwwwww Amazing!!!

Yep! My bad. I’ve re-edited the video and removed that. We have no plans to release this in the near future. New Data Editor Announcement - YouTube

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Happy U! :tada:

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Fantastic update @JackVaughan !
This really adds so much to what is already possible with Glide.

Thank you :pray:

Congratulations on the launch. This is beyond spectacular!

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