All New Data Editor & Computed Columns

This is SOOO good. Especially for large apps/tables, love the new editor.

All the experts out here, can we have tutorials or guide on use cases of all new columns? Sorry but I am incapable of understanding most of the new columns myself. Would be helpful if someone can guide.

I have it on good authority that this is being worked on as we speak :wink:


Thank you. Good to know that.

Couldn’t believe as this came through :hugs:, Loving it!! Thanks team Glide :+1

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time and it’s finally here and I’m sure we’re only at the beginning of the journey. At this point, only imagination can stop us. Kudos to all the staff.

So excited for this update! Great job GLIDE!!!

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Hey ! Guys I just arrived, you are going too fast, wait for me !!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Incredible update. Thank U :+1:

LOVE the new functionality, but please remind your plugin/column developers to Keep It Simple! Functions should be kept small and atomic, never doing more than necessary.

For example, I just put in a bug report on the “Lowercase Text” column because not only does it convert uppercase chars to lowercase, but also removes any special characters such as periods and replaces them with spaces. This is unexpected behavior and breaks my use case (making user entered emails lowercase so I can create relations between them regardless of casing).

Combining these functions severely limits the usefulness of this plugin. Instead, they should have created a separate “Remove Special Characters” function that could be used on the output of lowercase (or any other column) if someone needs that behavior.


Yes, I’m going to fix that one now. It’s too weird.


@CESI I fixed Lowercase Text to behave as you would expect, and added Uppercase Text.


Excellent… this is awesome, some very useful and powerful stuff in there.

Just one issue I came across… your Pluralize Text (Pluralize Text column • Glide) doesn’t seem very intelligent. It seems to be just adding on an “s”, which is not always correct. e.g sheep, foot, mouse etc… Without that intelligence, the same can be achieved using your template feature.

Keep up the fantastic work

We’re on it. But will take some time! :laughing: If anyone does a tutorial - please tag me! If it’s good We’ll use it!


Are you specifying the plural version?


Thanks, that would be awesome

Hi guys, thanks for the update! Yep, the visual style looks way more modern and XC columns are now integrated into GDE :+1:

But what about so needed changes:

  • Hover for Column headers? I understand that in demo apps you can go with neat and short names of columns, but when you need to organize business things, names quickly go beyond short representations(especially with group columns feature).

  • Ability to insert new columns and duplicates(not only add to the end)

  • Ability to hide columns

  • Change the way duplicated column names are generated. Add something to the end of name and not "Copy of " to the beginning.

and others spotted and mentioned in this Community

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@david Thanks so much! I really appreciate how quickly you fixed this! It’s also a testament of how transformational these plugins will be to the platform!

Thank you for this!
Amazing how far we’ve come from last year.
The upgrades just keep on coming…

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Quick Q for clarification. The new option to use Excel formulae in Glide - does this also work when your app does not have a spreadsheet and just uses Glide Tables? i,.e. whether or not your app needs to be based on an Excel sheet… hopefully it’s fully independent!