🆕 20 new experimental code columns to play with

We’ve added 20 new experimental code columns to Plugins | Glide :

Please play with them and share your feedback!


I try Fetch json but is not working due to an TypeError

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This one is going to be handy…


One recommendation. Can we have one that renders the Glide gradient images like these given a seed (either that or add this as a style in the Generate Image column)?

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Ah! I thought it was just 3D images. Brilliant!

@David, as a follow up, can you add a ratio parameter? 1:1, 3:1, 3:2 etc?

Either that, or allow us to set width/height.

awesome! thanks for always improving! it’s exciting to wonder what capabilities will come out next.

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Yes!!! Finally…Javascript!!! :grinning: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Love It.
I hope i can use one of those to get back the selected text from a specific input field.
If not, please… :pray:

Wow :star_struck:

Same here


It depends on what you’re trying to fetch. It can possibly be a CORS problem there.


HI David and Thanks for improvements, sounds great !

Tried to play with Pluralize plugin, which is a use case i really need

works great, but think it could be improved with 0 option > “No item” > “1 item” > 2 “items”
for the moment, value “0” returns the pluralized version > “0 items” which looks uncorrect.


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If I can say mine, this is correct.
You have singolar only in case of 1, zero doesn’t exist in reality, but if you refer to items to buy or to use etc… indeed you say I don’t want any items, you don’t say I don’t want 1 item.

No idea what this is all about but have made a mental note for ‘Google Translate’ and now on my to do list!


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I think it depends on the use case, generally no item and 0 items are both correct… I actually use “0 items” more in my apps.

Sorry, but where & how exactly do we install the plugins?
Can they “harm” the UI if they don’t work as expected? Or they’re just “Developer’s Helpers”?
Thks all.

Copy the link from the Plugin page…

…and then paste it into an Experimental Code column.

The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t get the results you expect, or you get no results at all.

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