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Would love to understand how do I change the time zone of the Date Time Formatting?
I inserted dd/MM/yyy HH:mm in the format parameter and it shows right but the result is +3 hours from the actual time in the date column.

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The general rule of thumb is that 1 is singular, and anything else (including 0) is plural. There are probably exceptions, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. If you follow that, you’ll be grammatically correct at least 99% of the time.


When you say 0.5 second / 0.5 dollar, it’s not even a second, so it should remain singular. When you get 0.9 billion dollars. It must be a paramount amount, but it’s still < 1 billion. So singular. But dollars : plural.
When statistics say that there is an average of 1.66 child / family, it’s not yet 2, so should remain singular too.

Unless we can populate a customized glossary or full dictionary for exceptions, for now, the plural plugin cannot be used for french (so many cases).

Nope, I would never say either.
Always 0.5 seconds, never 0.5 second. That’s just wrong

However, if you were using fractions then it’s different.

  • Half a second: correct
  • Half a seconds: incorrect
  • 0.5 second: incorrect
  • 0.5 seconds: correct

English is stupid.


It’s not stupid, Darren it’s different :relaxed:
We have much worse language issues in French (*sighing like Snoopy :roll_eyes:)
I thought nonsense was only part of this unique "Brit-English charm":uk:

Well, when I say it’s stupid I mean stupid in the sense that it has many illogical and inconsistent grammatical rules. As a native English speaker, I can usually tell instinctively when something isn’t grammatically correct. But often I can’t explain why, because the rules are just too damned complicated :crazy_face:

But yeah, I’m sure English isn’t alone in this respect :slight_smile:


6 days later and @david’s already given us 30 more plugins. Crazy!


The whole team worked on them!


Fun with Color Palette and Image from Color:


If we can use JS, that means we can display background images cycling every n seconds, minutes… I assume this feature is still possible (used it back in 2002).
or display parts of image by coordinates, instead of creating several images

Does anyone have something for formating a phone number this way (###) ###-####?


Hola @david,

I think we need to put a kind of note or advice on Sort Array plugin:

The plugin works fine when the array contains number or text values but if you create a array of dates and use this plugin, the result is wrong due to the code handles the dates as text/string and everything is a little mess.

My PIC can give you an idea of this situation and the wrong order: January ( 1), October (10), June ( 6) and July ( 7).


So far, my workaround to do it correctly is using this Jeff’s trick showed here (convert dates to number values): Agent for information - #85 by Jeff_Hager

I hope it helps and avoid future problems.

Feliz día!


What format do you currently let users type in? I assume 1234567890?

For the love of all things decent…Javascipt “Actions” please.

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Great work @david and team :fire: Would love to see a word count plugin - same as the text length but for words instead of characters.