Random Fun Fact about Generate image column

Part of this is a bug, part of this is a life hack. Let’s go over the life hack first.

The generate image column is just this TEXT!!

Meaning, that if you type glide:mesh,h as the URL of the image component will display Mesh for the input H. I don’t know about you but this just saves me an entire column of data.

Bug: When typing glide:mesh/triangles without the comma and the input, the screen COMPLETELY freezes and you need to delete the tab.

I had to do it by copy&paste.

Just thought I’d like to share.

P.S. Yes, I know that typing glide:mesh,h will not be a unique value. You could use a template column for that. But that doesn’t save you any rows :smirk:

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It’s just a new column and won’t save you any rows, why do you have to do this?

What do you mean? I’m not actually adding a new column, I’m placing it as the url of the image.

Ah I think I got you now, you mean you can enter it as a custom URL and it will work just fine?

Actually I prefer just using what they give us in the column, in case anything breaks when they change the format I won’t have to re-do the custom URLs, and I still want it to be unique, a template column and a glide-generated image column both take 1 column.

Thanks for sharing.

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