Change duplicated column header name

Yes!!! It’s so much easier to adjust the end of a column than the beginning…especially when using column grouping

Yes!!! add an incrementing number at the end, and # at the beginning in case the name is long… to identify it is a copy

Yes, and as result should not forget to go to the beginning to select and delete “Copy of” and edit ending of the column for new use.

Yes, this is another one of those little things that seems trivial, but can be a major source of annoyance.

Related to this, have you also noticed that sometimes when you’ve duplicated a column and start editing the duplicate - weird stuff happens?

  • sometimes the cursor jumps around when you start editing the column name
  • other times the configuration options get “stuck” and you can’t change them

In both cases, the only way I’ve found to move forward is to save it and then edit again.


yep, often when I start to insert letters in the middle of the name, second and next chars add to the end instead.
And sometimes it freezes completely(I guess GDE lost connection to server at some time) and only way is to refresh page.

Yep! I’ll click inside a duplicate header to remove “copy of”…then click somewhere else in the header, begin to type, the first letter types correctly, then the cursor jumps to the end of the word and every letter after that gets added to the end


This. @Darren_Murphy I’m guessing @Mark will want a replay :grin:

haha, I’ll try and get that or at least a video