API data copied seems wonky

when I right click on the table then copy the “new row” api information to put into Make, the information I get is a bit strange and inconsistent.

I bolded some of the issues. From top to bottom:

The first column isn’t “name”. It is suppose to be “Address”: “Address/Address”

How come it puts the folder part (Time/ as an example) in the unit for some but not for others?

Somehow there is a typo here in one of the outstanding. how does that even make sense?

is it using old data in some parts?

also “Sign Width”: “Sign/Sign Width Non Inventory”,
should be
“Sign Width Non Inventory”: “Sign/Sign Width Non Inventory”,

I did just change the name yesterday, so it must be that something isn’t picking up the changes

That is the first column you get when the table is created. However you rename it, it will stay with the initial name I believe, to not break your API calls later on when you change them (I think it works like that for every column).

Let’s say for “General/Remoevd Date” and “Time/Removed Date”:

“General/Remoevd Date” is likely the original name you gave to that column. That won’t be changed however you changed the column name, for the reason I gave above.

“Time/Removed Date” is likely the name you have for that column now. Glide gives you this to know which column you are referring to.

You likely made that typo when you first created the column.

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Yeah I guess thinking of it now that makes a lot of sense so that things don’t break. But then it is a nightmare to actually edit after the fact. Is there anyway to reset it so that the new names pop up?

Or else down the road I will have no idea what is what when it comes time to do edits.

If my logic above was right then I think no.

You can still refer to the “value” part of each key-value combination to know what the column is.

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