Name of columns are not correct

I have a table with a lot of columns, but if I use and API I receive not friendly names of some of them. What do I have in API documentation

kioskIsInPlaceTurnedOnAndGuidedAccessEnabled: { type: "string", name: "Kiosk is in place, turned on and guided access enabled?" },
        uploadPhotoOfGrilledMeatsForService: { type: "image-uri", name: "Upload photo of grilled meats for service." },
        uploadPhotoOfCustomerFacingSideOfCartFullySetUpAndReadyForService: { type: "image-uri", name: "Upload photo of customer facing side of cart fully set up and ready for service." },
        uploadPhotoOfCustomerFacingSideOfCartFullySetUpAndReadyForCrewVanArrival: { type: "image-uri", name: "Upload photo of customer facing side of cart fully set up and ready for crew van arrival." },
        vanParkedLegallyAndParkingMeterPaid: { type: "string", name: "Van parked legally and parking meter paid?" },
        teamMeetingHeldFor3090SecondsAndRolesAssigned: { type: "string", name: "Team meeting held for 30-90 seconds and roles assigned?" },
        uploadPhotoScreenshotOfParkingMeterReceipt: { type: "image-uri", name: "rX3uQ" },
        meatPansAreBeingCleanedOfScrapsEvery5Minutes: { type: "string", name: "RthXe" },
        grillPrepAreaIsBeingCleanedEvery5Minutes: { type: "string", name: "yzoKd" },
        noExcessPorkAndChickenIsBeingStoredInPansOrOnCuttingBoards: { type: "string", name: "GtXfQ" },
        scoopsSpoonsAreStoredOnTopOfPotsAndNotInPots: { type: "string", name: "LlLYD" },
        areAllPotsCoveredAndPotCoversAndSidesAreCleanFromBoilOverAndSpills: { type: "string", name: "7zsUc" },
        saladBowlIsNotFilledWithMoreThan12ToMaintainFreshness: { type: "string", name: "14k5H" },
        saladBowlIsFilledWithSufficientIceForCooling: { type: "string", name: "WxlKi" },
        whatIsTheQualityOfTheMeatsComingFromTheGrillCookAreTheyMoistAndAtTheHighestStandardNotDryOrBurntAnd: { type: "string", name: "Ho09B" },

This is normal. The names that Glide assigns for the API are guaranteed not to change, which ensures that any integrations that use the API will not break when you rename columns.

Ok. I am generating reports via help of Also want to implement such feature if new column will be added I want to add it to report with normal name

What I normally do is define a JSON Data Structure and use labels to map the Glide generated column names to human readable names:

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But still question is why some columns has normal names and some not

Is this what the API returns to you? I assume it’s Glide Tables?


I’m not sure why it behave that way. I only get the IDs in my modules.