Problem with Glide API

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to you because i’ve a probleme with my Glide’s api.
In fact, I want to use my Api in Make (Integromat) to a set a column value. The objective is to set an url in my column. I’ve followed the Robert Petitto’s video to set my Api but when i run my make’s scenario the value is not setting. Maybe i didn’t set correctly the api. Here my setting :

If someone tell me what i’m doing wrong. Thanks

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Thanks for your answer, I think the valu is in black because it’s from the glide weebhook. But I don’t know why the column is named “d5S5Q”. The original name in my glide’s database is “Link”. Maybe the probleme is from here ?

Black usually indicates a problem.

Have you checked the response from the Glide API?
If it failed, that will include an error message that indicates why it failed.

Regarding the column name, the API column names don’t always match the column names in your table. As long as you are using the exact column name as shown in the API curl command, that’s all you need to worry about.

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