Table Names

Hi, we started using the Enterprise level and we face quite the issues with the table names as we can not recognise what is what and we have to manually label them, but if a column changes order the mess is all over again.

This hashing name of tables makes the whole experience quite difficult, is there a way to pull the table names as they are?

I assume that you’re referring to the table names as they appear in the API?

The short answer is no, you can’t change them.
But what I do is create a mapping of user readable table names to API table names.
If you use Make, then this is possible if you use a JSON data structure to define each table.

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This is quite… unconvenient… we want to use Glide Tables as its faster to work with them, instead of having to go through AirTable which takes a bit of time.

Glide has some amazing features but lacks the basics, why is this :frowning: ?

I actually think it’s a good thing™️
Once the API column names are set, they are guaranteed to never change.
Do you really want to have to remember to reconfigure every API call any time you change a column name? :thinking:

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well its how databases work to be honest, and Glide’s tables are non readable… so… all I am saying is to have things as normally… eitherway, Airtable it is !

Thanks Darren!