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I am trying to use the write API directly to the glidetables, but for some reason it is not writing to some of the fields. Out of about 30 fields it seems to miss about 5 of them.

Has anyone come across this issue ?

I am not able to write to Access Level, it leaves it blank

The obvious thing to check is that you have matched the column names up correctly.
Note that the column name that the API expects is not necessarily the same as the name you’ve assigned in the Data Editor.

Hi Darren,

I am using the names as per Data Editor/Google Sheets, how can I check the names that the glide may be using ?

Do we have to use a read API call first ?

  • Go to the Glide Data Editor
  • Locate the table that you want to write to with the API, and right click on the table name
  • Select “Show API…”
  • You should see something like the following:

Ahh yes… Once again Thanks Darren.

It seems like the API seems to retain the column name as it was when you initially create the column, if you change the name it doesn’t change for how the API references it.

Working now.



Yes, it’s the way they do it so you don’t get screwed when you change column names in the data editor (and have to do a bunch of changes in API calls.

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