Column name

I have a column named “Date”, if I add a math column and want it named “Date + 1” the editor crashes as soon as I type “Date”.
The trick is to name “+ 1” then go back to the beginning to add “Date” in order to obtain a column named “Date + 1”.
Obviously the editor crashes if we try to name a new column with the same name of an existing column.

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Could you please make a video of that happening and share a support link?

I had this happen today too! It doesn’t actually crash, it jumps to the spot where the column name is the same (since you’re typing the first part the same — Date — it is interpreting it as the same column). If you scroll over when that happens, you’ll see the dialog box showing next to the original “Date” column. Once you enter another character to give it a different name than the original, the dialogue box goes back under the new column you were creating.

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I can’t fix the bug anymore.
But if I fall back on it, I make a video.
So I will close this thread.