Component name not updating

My app’s URL:

I added a column in my sheet for a Rich Text component. Instead of listing the name of the column in the list of components, it just says “column8”:


When I open the component, the correct column name is shown:

Here’s how it looks in the Google sheet. Curiously, it’s pulling from the 9th column, not the 8th:

Even when I add a new Rich Text component linked to the same column, I still get the “column8” name.:

Only appears to a be a problem with Rich Text; Basic Text pulls the correct column name:

I already experienced the same issue, after the addition of a new column in my sheet. Usually after several data refresh via the Glide editor the column name correctly appears. If I remember well, it also happened that the column name appeared few hours after, even with several refreshes in between.

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Similar problem. When I created the app, I sorted the spreadsheet and inadvertently included the row of column titles in the sort. So my “field names” on the detail page were the values of the first row. I’ve corrected that, but the field names remain wrong. Everyone’s page shows a field name of as the “email” field name. That’s the email of the first person in the spreadsheet.

If I click on Reload Sheet a couple of times, it send to usually work itself out.

~1.5 hours later; still not updated.

This will be fixed in a few days. Thank you for reporting!

OK. Good to know that I wasn’t doing something wrong inadvertently. App still functions fine.

Yes, this is just a bug in how Glide displays the column name, it has no effect on your app’s functionality.