Editing column names in sheet may break column/component linking in builder

I needed to fix image column titles of the sheet (5 columns) to get image gallery working properly.

Then I went checking on the builder side, that all image upload fields would still be available in app’s ‘edit’ and ‘add new’ pages.

So I noticed that the first one of those upload components in ‘add new’ page had been re-linked to some other field of my sheet. So, if I hadn’t check this, next image uploads would have gone to wrong field.

I’m 99.99 % sure that it was ok before, as I had just added and tested uploading with them, and then noticed gallery don’t work without a fix to those column names. And I think I have seen this earlier too. Might be good to check.

That doesn’t surprise me. Glide does an excellent job of figuring out things for you if you change sheet structures, new columns, change column headers, etc. But it can only do so much so is not 100% spot on. It’s somewhat AI, which doesn’t always get it right. I always use caution and check things, especially when I get the message that new columns are found and it asks if it should create components for them. You never know, they do end up as the last component on the detail pages but you still need to check what component was selected and they are linked to.

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Yes, doesn’t surprise me either, I have also already learned to check things in these situations. And definately don’t t expect Glide to be able to track all these edits :slight_smile:

But there might be good to have some kind notification about this behaviour for user, because it can confuse builders before they see what has happened first time and learn to be careful later. And… if any ‘critical’ data would be overwritten in production use, that could bring some difficult situations.

Glide does not attempt to track your columns if you rename them—as far as Glide knows, you’ve deleted a column and added an entirely new one. We can probably improve this but this is the current status.

Yes, and that’s how I would expect it to behave too. But in this situation it seemed to been relinked to other column, not deleted the old component link totally, I’m quite sure about that but can be wrong of course too. Should check if can reproduce but too tired to do that today anymore :slight_smile: