Column name changed/deleted

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i hade a name for the column but somehow it changed to the number of the column position.
it changed from it original name to ‘6’ thus its column F.
the google sheets stay the same its only on glide data.
there is a way to fix glide column values?


Thanks for writing in. Could you kindly send screenshots and I’ll happily look into this for you?

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i found more columns that have been changed.
google sheets stay the same!

Thanks, @SPETZ.

When you change the column names within the Google Sheet, can you try hitting the “Reload sheet” button within the Glide Builder and let me know if the problem persists?

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 12.32.15

first thing that i tried.
no help.

When you name columns the same except for a number sequence at the end Glide rolls those up into one column with the base name. i.e. Image1; Image2; Image3 would show in the Data view as Image. When selecting what column a component is linked to all of those columns are available along with the Image column. This is so you can have images that can be scrolled through in a single component. So they are not deleted just rolled up into one to save a bit is space in the Data display.

This is not the case. i used the same name following numbers in purpose to be grouped by glide.
what i’m showing here that column name change without notice or reason - that is the bug!
now all relevant screens messed up and stop working.
that is very bad for me…

I assume you are comparing it to the same sheet that is linked to the app. If you could use something like to create a video of your issue. Start in your Glide app looking at a specific column that has changed then click on the pen icon on the left side of the builder to open up the spreadsheet. Go to the same tabsheet and show us the column name there. If there is a bug this will go a long way in figuring out what is going on. Thanks.

Did you freeze more than just the first row in the spreadsheet? I remember reading somewhere that you should only freeze the first row.

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Thanx @Robert_Petitto that was the problem!
unfreez the line and all is fix now.

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