Renaming Google Sheets


Just need to double check my assumption.

I need to change the column names in Google sheets as I have an array abc 1…10 but in Glides it shows up as a single column abc. Can I change the name in Google sheets to abc1 abc2 abc3 (remove the space). I have 2 questions >

  1. is abc1 abc2 abc3 still considered an array or does it need that space
  2. if I change the name on google sheets will the glide table pick it up and update all references like it does when I change it in Glide Table ?

Bonus question >
In google sheets are the columns referenced by

  1. a unique ID mapping that we don’t see
  2. by the name of the column
  3. position (index) of the column


Yes. The space is optional.

In my experience, yes.
Although any time I make column changes in a Google Sheet the first thing I will always do is manually re-sync Glide. It generally works fine - even renaming tables - I’ve rarely had any problems.

It’s definitely not 3.
I’m not 100% sure, but I’d say 2 - or perhaps some combination of 1 & 2.


Thanks Darren.

I always do a manual re-sync, I have been affected by it. May be it automatically resyncs periodically.

Regarding the last part. I agree it can’t be 3, but also it can’t be 2 because if you change the name of a column it still manages to sync, so it has to be 1 (hopefully).

If Glide can confirm it will be appreciated so I have a better understanding on what I should or should not do in Google Sheets