Add columns in Google Sheets vs Array Column

I had a Sheet with a Subject Column. I decided I needed 3 columns Subject 1 Subject 2 and Subject 3

I changed the name of Subject to Subject 1 and added two columns to the Google sheet for the other two headings.

I added extra components to the app edit screen for this sheet, pointed them at the correct field name and tested.

Google sheet updates correctly BUT when I view the Glide sheet it has moved the Subject column to the far right and does not include the three new name columns Subject 1 Subject 2 and Subject 3

Is there something I need to do to rectify this as it seems to work fine between the edit screen and the Google Sheet itself?

I believe you may have inadvertently created an array column called Subject by creating columns side by side in Google Sheets called Subject 1, Subject 2 and Subject 3.

If this was not your intention, you might want to rename your columns, by adding hyphens for instance (Subject-1, Subject-2, Subject-3), to avoid creating an array column.

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Ah … it’s actually a table which I think makes it an array???

The table function is actually no longer necessary so I can remove it.

How would I undo what I did and redo?

I’m not sure exactly what you need to redo, but the general idea when I rebuild is:

  1. To be clear which new components I will be using in the screen. This determines user experience.
  2. The components determine what data/columns I will need in my tables. Other than for very static text, usually if I cannot see the data in my tables, I won’t see it in the builder.
  3. Once I’ve rebuilt my data, I make sure the components or lists point to the right columns.
  4. Before deleting any columns, I check the Find all uses features (drop down menu for each column). If I have “chains” of computed columns, I try to start at the end of the chain and make my way backwards through the computed columns to the basic columns.

Actually, this way is working fine. The array column updates correctly from either google sheets or edit screen. So will probably just leave as is. Thanks for the tip for future features though

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