How to edit columns in Glide arraycolumns?

It is nice that Glide makes arraycolumns from same-name columns with numbers… but how on earth do you edit the individual columns in the Data Editor??? If I do a column search, knowing that OBI 1 exists, the search does not find it. Sure, I can hunt in GSheets, but what happens if the data does not even exist in GSheets.

The icon is nice, but I would expect to be able to click and expand the columns.

Unless I am missing something - thanks!

Yeah you can’t edit those, ideally as you said, it would expand to different columns on a click but it’s not the case here.

So we have to revert back to editing in the Sheets or using an edit form with entry components right in the app.

Ya. You’d have to temporarily move the first column out of order to break the array column. I asked @mark about this too back in December.


Arrays are not automatically created in glide tables. Only from google sheets. So this would never be the case.