Manually change array values

When arrray fields are displayed in the glide database, its impossible to go in and edit. Even when you click on the data item, it won’t let you edit it. When they’re separate fields - no problem.
So does anyone know how I can manually change an array value?

It depends. Not all Glide arrays are the same.

There are computed arrays, such as those that are created with the Make Array column, or as the result of a Split Text or Lookup. These arrays cannot be directly edited. To change them you must edit the source (non-computed) column.

There are arrays that created in an attached Google Sheet by sequentially numbering columns. These arrays can be edited by directly targeting the individual columns. Glide lets you do that, with a Set Column Values action, for example.

Then there are the two new non-computed array columns - Multiple Images and Multiple Files. I’m not aware of any way to directly edit/change individual values in these columns (via the Data Editor), but what you can do is create a new array that includes a new set of elements, and use that to over write the values in the original column - again, with a Set Column Values action. Of course, what you can do with the values in these columns is use the respective input components (File/Image picker) to manage the contents.

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