Stop Glide from creating an array column from similarly named Sheet columns

Hello. My app is connected to a Google Sheet and as I was configuring some columns to help display dates/times for some class sessions (column headings Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, and so on). After finishing in the Sheet, I went back into the Glide editor and noticed that Glide had recognized these multiple columns as an array? and created a Multiple Files column instead:

This is not what I want so I deleted the session columns in my Sheet to get rid of the Multiple Files column in Glide. How do I prevent Glide from generating this array so I can configure the columns into individual Text columns that I can display as individual Text components in Glide?

I appreciate the help. Thx

Just make sure they aren’t in sequence.

Awesome, thanks Darren. That’s the one thing I didn’t try! Wish there was a built-in way instead of having to do this type of workaround — like a context-menu that appears when right clicking the column in Glide, choose Edit, disable array, and this would display the columns separately again to match the source Sheet. Thx again.

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