Array column is not created

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Array column is not created unfortunately when i forming columns with a difference just in numbers in headers as described in the documentation.
Can someone explain why what is described in the documentation does not happen?

That will only happen if you created the columns in a google sheet. Glide Tables will not auto-generate an array column.

It’s a different process, but it’s still possible with an additional Template column and a Split Text column.


Someone asked me this same question today.

They were using a glide table which, as Jeff pointed out, does not currently provide this functionality.

There was a post a while back which indicated that this may be possible in the future but not at the moment.


Thank you Jeff.
Thank you Rosewebstudio.

I’ve just found two issues there:

  1. An Array Column is creating in Glide Data Editor - but only by Text columns)
    I tried just now, and AC was created.
    But when i try to do this in Glide Editor with an Image columns - it doesn’t work, as you describe for GT.
  2. But even if i use Google Sheet for creating columns for the Array needed, it will work ONLY IN CASE THERE IS NO ANY NUMBERS EXACT BEFORE SPACE AN COUNTING NUMBERS. See enclosed image. E.g. “Img0 1” + “Img0 2” will not generate an AC, seems because there is “0” before space. But “Img0b 1” + “Img0b 2” will generate an AC)

Also when we create columns in Google Sheet first, they are not Images columns by default. But how we could assign them as an Image columns in Glide Editor?
There is no way to change the Data type of Column, because they shown in GE only as an Array Column.
Let me guess it depends (Image or Date or Text or…) in such AC on what i put in there.
If so, how could i use it for build my Screens Components while Rows and Columns still empty yet (without any data)?

  1. I’m not sure I follow what you mean by “but only by Text columns” and “Image columns - it doesn’t work”. Can you explain a little more what you mean in your first statement?

  2. Numbering columns, numbering them sequentially, and making sure they are all next to each other (in order) is crucial for array columns to be created automatically. I guess I can understand if extra numbers, and placement of those numbers, could confuse and throw off Glide’s ability to automagically guess if a series of columns should become an array. Maybe it was a scenario that was missed in Glide’s kludgy way of creating the array columns, but simply renaming them would resolve the issue.

  3. You can change the ‘type’ of any individual basic column in the glide data editor, but once it becomes an array, yes there isn’t really a way to change the type and the type is now ‘array’. Column types are really nothing special, except for date columns (which have a little more backend logic to them), along with any of the glide computed columns. A column being marked as an image column doesn’t make it work any differently than if it was a text column…and the underlying value of an image column is always a url (which is text), so whether you see an image in the data editor or just the url doesn’t matter. It all works the same and you can still put any components you want on the screen and point them to any column you want. So an image component will still work just fine if it’s pointing to a text column or an array column of text. As long as it’s a valid url or series of url’s, then it will work.

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