Image Carousel on New Glide

Hello! I’ve been testing the new Glide layout and started an app using its own tables. I’ve created 5 columns to storage images named Image 1, Image 2, Image 3… hoping they would be merged as it would happen if they were created on Google Sheets. However, that did happen, and I can’t find a way to combine them or create an image carousel. Any thoughts on this?

Columns will only automatically merge into an array column if you use google sheets. That method doesn’t work for glide tables. What you will want to do is create a template column that merges each individual column together with a delimiter between each value in the template. Then use a Split Text column to split on that delimiter, which will convert it into an array column.


Used this method the other day, works like a treat :+1:


My images are not creating an array. Done on Google sheets


In my use case I created 4 image columns, one template and one Split Text … this last one is the carousel … it works perfectly


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Yea I ended up doing what Jeff suggested, Thanks! It’s weird bc it worked with just the image columns before.

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Nowww it created an array :relieved: . If I wanted to change an image, how can I do that since the images are not separated anymore?

@Jen_NYCP you just need to change one of the images in the original columns like photo 1 or photo 2 etc

You can use an image picker for that if is to be changed directly in the app

I see, so the only way to change it is within the app itself on the front end? I guess I have to set visibility to the app developer email?