How to create a carousel of images in the Glide table

Hello everybody!
Please tell me how to create a carousel of images in the Glide table?
When using the Google table, everything works as it should, the images are merged into one cell. This does not happen in the Glide table. And there is no way to upload several images at once, only one is uploaded.


@Jeff_Hager has already covered this topic. Can’t remember which thread now.


Lol on the strength of his suggestions I remember solving a number of these problems. But in the end I think I advised myself against arrays on tables. Too many pitfalls. I prefer GS.



Thank you!
It worked


Hi, how do I access the Idiot’s Guide to create an image template in new version of Glide (not Classic)?

If it’s the image carousel you are asking about…that’s not yet an option in the new Glide Apps. When it does become available, I would recommend a Make Array column to create your array of images.

…and no. I don’t know when it will be available.

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