All Image columns not showing in system generated Image relation

I added 7 additional Image columns (Gallery 4; Gallery 5; etc.) to an existing sheet that already had 3 columns labeled Gallery 1; Gallery 2; Gallery 3. These new columns are in column positions that are to the right of the existing 3 and the system generated virtual Gallery column. These new columns do not show in this virtual column so the image carousel does not show them.

Wouldn’t this require a reload in the builder since it’s a structural change to the sheet? I’ve kind of wondered how arrays would work if columns are added on the fly.

I have refreshed the sheet obviously, but I think that is the issue, a refresh in the Glide builder is what needs to be done which is something I can’t do from my end.

What I see from looking at the sheet (thanks for sharing, @George_B) is that the columns are not consecutive. There’s a “Featured order” column between “Gallery 3” and “Gallery 4”.

Agreed. I must have forgot that that is a requirement. If that is the case then I have some work to do as the order is dependent in some of the other Query’s

I was able to resolve the issue by changing the column order of the images and making them all next to each other. Thanks @Mark for the quick look at my mistake.


Just curious though, does glide pick up an additional array column without a sheet reload in the builder? I can understand a new unrelated column, but an arrest common is a little different. Maybe I’ll have to try this out this afternoon.

It should pick that up, but I haven’t tested it.

?? arrest common ?? is this a typo and you mean array column

I meant array. I can’t type for crap on my phone…or proofread for that matter.

Just tested it in staging. It seemed to pick up additional columns added to an existing array without having to do anything in the builder. It might take a little while or an app reload, but it does recognize the new column. That’s good to know.