Image Carousel

I have made several Image Carousels and they work perfectly except I can only load 4 images in each one.
I have the image column and 8 columns that are numbered image 1, image 2, etc. but only four of the pictures appear in the carousel and not in a particular order. ??

Are all the columns next to each other in the Google sheet, or do you have other columns in between ‘Image 4’ and ‘Image 5’? Did you happen to add additional image columns at a later time? Are all image urls prefixed with https instead of http?

Thanks for your reply Jeff.
The columns are all next to each other and are all https. They are google links.
Yes I did add some columns at a later time. I will try starting over and see if that works.
I will delete all columns and delete all images.
But, does this mean more pictures can’t be added at a later time?

I’m not sure. My only thought is that now Glide will put all new columns at the end of the sheet in the data editor and it won’t match the order that’s in the google sheet unless you drag them around yourself. I was just wondering if adding more columns later breaks the array. You could check in the data editor to see if the array column that’s created shows all of the image urls. Either way it may be a bug.

Got it! I went back and deleted the “image” component and then added it again. All 8 photos appeared this time! Thanks again…you all are great at Glide.

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Might still be a bug. I’ve never added array columns to an existing array, so I’m not sure how it would react. If you ever need a solution that will grow dynamically, instead of using an array of columns, you could put the images in individual rows in a separate sheet. Then create a multiple relation from the sheet where you currently have the images to the new sheet. Then create a lookup column against the relation. That will pull back the image urls as an array that you can use in an image component.

Thanks again! This would be great for a large carousel, or one I would want to make changes to.

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